This is my first year growing lemon cucumbers and boy are they delicious.  They are very crisp and sweet.  

They are small and round, about 3 1/2 inches long, and well worth the effort to grow.  They turn a lemon-lime color with yellow stripes when mature.  They are great in summer salads, and because of their thin skins they make great pickles.

This warm weather vegetable is a vigorous grower, and pretty in the garden.  Plant in late spring when the soil has warmed, directly into the garden.  Use a rich, well-drained soil.  Thin to 12 inches in a row or plant three plants per mound every 36 inches.  To save space, you can train cucumbers to grow up a trellis or fence.  They thrive in full sun with plenty of moisture. Consistently water in the morning or early afternoon, avoiding the leaves.

They will mature in 65 days.

Stay on the lookout for pests such as cucumber beetles and whiteflies.  Usually cucumber beetles alone will not kill or do too much damage to plants, but they can spread bacterial diseases which will kill your plants.  Whiteflies ingest plant juices and in turn produce a sticky substance known as honeydew which can cause fungal diseases to form on the leaves.  Practice organic pest control to keep benefical insects in your garden.

Lemon cucumbers are native to India and have been growing for three thousand years. In 1494 Christoher Columbus introduced them them to Haiti and soon after they were introduced to North America. 
A photo of my heirloom lemon cucumbers is featured at Botanical Interests.
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By Miss Lady Bug



06/10/2012 20:47

I would love to grow them in ontario, canada. please can you ship me some seeds if can share with me.
Thanks for the beautiful photos.
almas nathoo

06/18/2012 12:45

Thanks for your interest in growing lemon cucumbers. I do not have any seeds to share at this time. I added a link to "Botanical Interest" for you above. They have the seeds at a very reasonable price. Also, the packaging is full of information.
Thanks for your visit!

nancy todd
04/07/2013 17:39

do i have to polinate these if i grow them on a trellis????? another website was showing them doing this....

04/27/2013 22:25

Nancy, sorry for the late reply. No you do not have to pollinate, whether they are on a trellis or not. The bees, etc. will do that for you!

04/28/2013 13:42

I've purchased my seed packets from Lee Valley. Veseys Seeds may also have them.

07/18/2012 23:57

I have got to try these they look delicious!!! Thanks Miss LadyBug love this site

10/15/2012 15:04

They are a must try! Thanks Suzan


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