Get your heirloom seeds! I love vintage varieties that have been handed down for generations. 

A large percentage of gardeners order their seeds through mail order companies, and we all love receiving the newest catalogs. Get yours in time for seasonal planting by exploring some of the sources below.

I have previously ordered from the top three listings and all three provided high germination rates.

Royal Burgundy is a gorgeous bean variety with dark purple stems, lilac colored flowers, and purple pods.  

This delicious bean grows on compact bushes about 2' tall, and is very prolific.  Add this variety to your garden and you will thank yourself.

I've eaten my fair share of McCaslan pole beans since they were a favorite in my grandparents' garden.  One year they harvested 47 five-gallon buckets!  After all their hard work, which included "putting them up", they very generously shared the bounty.

I didn't forget how delicious they were, and this year I decided to grow some of my own.  I'm glad I did.  

Black Valentine is a legendary heirloom bean variety with a dual-purpose.  Harvest pods early for a sweet, nutty-flavored snap bean, or later for a beautiful glossy black bean.

The prolific, bush type plants will provide you with early yields and terrific flavor.

Pencil Pod is an heirloom variety that produces lovely yellow pods that stand out in the garden for easy harvesting.  The sweet, tender pods are completely stringless with excellent flavor.

Known as wax beans, they are delicious fresh from the garden, and are great for canning and freezing.

Growing Atomic Red carrots, with their striking color, is sure to create a wow factor!

Atom Red has crisp, flavorful roots with scarlet skins and orange cores. The brilliant hue comes from a very high lycopene content, a cancer preventing anti-oxidant.  They are best cooked to improve texture and achieve peak flavor.

This heirloom is called Contender because it competes for the championship of all beans.  This early variety is a heavy yielder with medium-green, stringless pods that can be harvested within 50 days!

Contender is delicious straight from the garden to the table, and also retains great flavor when canning or freezing.  What a winner!  

Rich Sweetness 132 melons are delicious little gems.  This variety puts out small fruits that are perfect "one size " servings.  The fruits have beautiful orange and green stripes, and weigh only about ¼ lb.  The flesh is white and fragrant, and has a sweet mild taste that's similar to a honeydew.

Kids love to grow these, so it's a great project to share with them.

Southern Giant Curled Mustard is old heirloom from the Southern US. Even though mustard greens are a staple in the south, they will grow just about anywhere in cool weather.

The frilled leaves have a horseradish-mustard flavor that is enhanced by sweet vinegar.  This combo makes the basis for a tasty salad.  Or, try cooking a mess the traditional southern way by boiling the greens with salt pork, ham hocks, or bacon.  Serve up with some cornbread!

Who wouldn't like a sweet garden pea called Green Arrow?  This heirloom should be included in every home garden.  It's an excellent pea for fresh eating, freezing, or cooking.

This heavy yielder provides 4-5 inch pods, each loaded with 8-11 bright green peas.