This is a great recipe to have on hand when you are overrun with tomatoes this summer. It’s also a good way to preserve tomatoes at the end of the season before they succumb to the first frost. Try pickling the green ones with onions.

Fried green pickled tomatoes are wonderful. They are also very good chopped and mixed in with homemade tartar sauce. The recipe is simple.

Miss Lady Bug’s Pickled Green Tomatoes
Yields approximately seven pints


5 lbs firm green tomatoes (1 lb equals 2 large, 3 medium, or 4 small)
1 lb red onions, sliced thinly
1 quart water
1 quart vinegar (5% acidity)
1/3 cup canning and pickling salt 
7-8 heads fresh dill
7-8 garlic cloves, whole or chopped
7-8 teaspoons mustard seed
7-8 teaspoons peppercorns
7-8 bay leaves


Wash, dry, and slice tomatoes, set aside. Slice onion, set aside. Evenly distribute dill, garlic, mustard seed, peppercorns, and bay leaves into sterilized pint jars.

Combine water, vinegar, and salt. Bring just to a boil. Lower heat and stir until salt dissolves.

Pack tomatoes and onions into the sterilized jars leaving ½ inch headspace. Evenly distribute hot brine into packed jars leaving ½ inch headspace. Remove air bubbles and wipe rims. Add lids as each jar is filled. Process in a water bath canner for 15 minutes.


Rule of thumb: My processing times are for altitudes of 1,000 or under. If you live in a higher altitude you will need to adjust the processing time accordingly. For processing times of 20 minutes or under, add one additional minute per each additional 1,000 feet of altitude. For processing times over 20 minutes add two additional minutes per each additional 1,000 feet of altitude. 

Note: For more in depth instructions on water bath canning see my post on “Canning for Beginners” dated 12/12/11.  
~ Pickled Green Tomatoes ~
By Miss Lady Bug


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